A roller hockey player from Hoyland Common has been called up to the Great Britain senior men's team for the World Championships in Germany this summer.

Daniel Hutchinson, 22, has been playing the sport, also known as inline hockey, since he was nine and got a call-up to the British junior team when he was just 16, when he went to Detroit to compete in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Junior Olympic International Division.

Daniel said: "I got into it through my friends and when I was younger I used to play out on the streets and I kept doing that."

Daniel plays for Sheffield team Norton Cyclos but has played professionally in Spain before.

It's not a massively popular sport in Britain but Daniel says that it's growing.

"Here there are a few teams but in Spain and France they have professional leagues.

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"When I was 18 I flew to Spain to play for a couple of months which was absolutely awesome, but I didn't stay there as I felt a little but homesick.

"Because it's popular in the off-season it's more of a summer sport and all the best players from Canada and Scandinavia will play it," said Daniel.

He was asked to play for Great Britain last year but couldn't after he had suffered a broken leg at the end of 2011.

For a lot of people, a bad injury often ends hopes of playing internationally but Daniel came back from it and was selected to play at the tournament, which starts in seven weeks.

Inline hockey is not a cheap sport because of the equipment that the players use, and Daniel says he needs sponsors otherwise he may not be able to carry on with it.

He said: "It's not very big in this country so it's not well-funded. It can be £600 for a pair of skates and £200 for some sticks, so I'm hoping for some kit sponsor or something."