PROFESSIONAL boxer Josh Wale will be able to offer free training sessions to youngsters thanks to a helping hand from the council.

Money has been provided from the Wentworth North Area Assembly so that Josh, 28, can open up the doors of his Moor Road gym in Wath to kids from around the local area.

The money has been allocated on the recommendation of Rawmarsh-based Sgt Ben Szymczyk who trains at the gym.

It’s pleasing for Josh, who along with dad Mick and brother Dempsey, Mark Botham and Shaun Eastwood, train youngsters for a small cost per week.

This scheme could help bring more into the sport and off the streets.

He said: “Ben said that he could not believe the good work we were doing and how it is going so unnoticed. He has directed a few to our gym and that helps because we are a bit tucked away.

“With the funding we will be able to offer kids a week’s free training to see if they like it. We know kids around here haven’t got much money but boxing is not a sport for the elite. We have all the equipment they just need to turn up.

“Boxing is not a thuggish sport, it help get kids off the street and teaches them respect and discipline.

“It has helped many a kid get off the wrong side of the tracks and become better people and we want to do more of that.”

Sessions will run from 5.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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