If James Metcalfe is to make his name in boxing, it will be under a slightly different alias.

The British Boxing Board of Control, who govern professional boxing in Great Britain, do not allow two boxers to have the same or very similar names.

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James Metcalf, the Liverpool professional and son of Shea Neary, whose fight with Micky Ward was recreated in Mark Wahlberg’s film The Fighter, has been a professional since 2011 and remains active.

Even though their surnames are spelled differently, Metcalfe, from Cudworth, has had to use the professional moniker of JA Metcalfe. The 18-year-old has shrugged it off as he bids to make a successful transition into the paid ranks on a show at the Metrodome on November 23.

Light-heavyweight James said: “It has annoyed me but it’s not a big problem. I did not know about it as a rule but I did know that there was a James Metcalf boxing. I could have used a nickname but I would rather be given a nickname than pick one. I feel you should earn it.”

The youngster, who was a multiple national champion, is being trained by former European title holder Ryan Rhodes in Sheffield. He is bedding into the professional game ahead of a homecoming debut.

“I’m in the training camp now and it’s hard,” he said.

“I know that I could easily do super-middleweight but Ryan thinks it’s best to get me in at light-heavyweight to start with. We are working all the time. Ryan knows what it takes to be a champion.”