A HIGH-FLYING prison manager from Barnsley has been jailed after getting into a relationship with an inmate and intimidating fellow colleagues into silence.

Suspicions grew around the conduct of custodial manager Lauren Miller, of May Close, Thurnscoe, when she was seen in a prisoner's cell at HMP Doncaster and spent long periods of time in there with him.

Rumours escalated further when the pair were regularly seen in the lift together and when the inmate was given privileges that other prisoners weren't subjected to.

However, when Miller, 34, became aware of these she intimidated them into silence, with staff left feeling unable to speak out.

After she resigned from her role, the Prison Anti-Corruption Unit launched an investigation, with Miller charged with misconduct in public office.

Today, Miller was sentenced to nine months in prison, with a judge labelling her conduct as "deplorable and shameful".

Detective Sergeant Gareth Gent, who heads up the police dedicated Prison Anti-Corruption Unit, said: "Miller became embroiled in an inappropriate relationship with an inmate she had a duty of care towards in her role as custodial manager.

"When concerned colleagues raised suspicions, Miller forced them into silence and she went to desperate lengths to stop this relationship becoming public knowledge.

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"Improper relationships between prison staff and inmates are rare and the overwhelming majority of employees in our prisons carry out their roles to the highest standards and levels of service.

"However, when any concerns about inappropriate relationships in prison set-ups come to light, we will investigate them thoroughly as we will not allow this kind of behaviour to take place.

"We will not stand for misconduct of this nature and we will take appropriate action to bring perpetrators to justice."