MP FOR Barnsley Central and Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis has branded the continued use of outdated trains as ‘not good enough’ as Northern Rail pushes back plans for a rail update to 2020.

“Yet again, rail passengers in the Sheffield City Region are being treated like second-class citizens,” said Dan.

“Northern Rail promised that Pacer trains, which should have been consigned to a transport museum long ago, would be out of service by the end of the year - but now we know that they will continue to run in South Yorkshire well into 2020.”

He said it was ‘yet more proof’ of a widening gulf between transport spend in the North and in the South-East.

“While commuters in London have Crossrail coming; here in the North people face travelling on what are essentially old buses on rails, at speeds that average 35mph.

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“Northern Rail needs to accept that this simply isn’t good enough and commit, as a matter of urgency, to serious discussions as to how and when passengers can be compensated for this litany of failures.”