A SCRAPBOOK that fell out of a lorry in Worsbrough and contains a letter believed to have been written by the future King Edward VIII will go to auction later this month.

The book, whose original owner is unknown, is filled with newspaper cuttings, photographers and letters from the 1930s including some relating to the opening of Barnsley Town Hall in December 1933 and visits made by Edward, who was then Prince of Wales.

One letter is from the future king to local woman Rachel Elmhirst, who is believed to have worked in social services and organised Barnsley Boys’ Club.

It is in the form of a rhyme and thanks her for accompanying him on official visits during his tour of Yorkshire.

The book was found by builder Peter Liversedge of Mapplewell in the 1960s. He is now retired but, after keeping the item in his house for many decades, he has put it up for auction.

Pierre Maciag, from Wilbys, said: “It’s an interesting item which we believe will sell for £100 or £200 to a collector. We have matched the writing in the letter to other samples of the Prince of Wales’ writing and believe it is the same.

“Mr Liversedge saw it fall off the back of a lorry when driving behind it then picked it up but the lorry had long gone. The family have enjoyed looking at it over the years but now they feel it is time for someone else to enjoy it.”

The auction is due to take place at 10am on March 26 at Milton Hall in Elsecar.