Josh Wale is braced for the coronavirus outbreak to delay his plans to fight for a world title after it shut his gym and meant he could not be in direct contact with his father and trainer Mick.

The Wales have shut their Micky’s Athletic gym along with all sports clubs and venues in the country due to the virus.  Wale, who has won his last four fights since moving up to featherweight, was due to fight at the Metrodome on June 19. 

The 31-year-old from Brampton said: “It looks like it could be off, but it’s up in the air at the moment. “I really don’t want any delay at this point in my career when I’m on such a good run but, when there are lives at risk, that has to come first.  “If they have to delay it then they have to and I will hopefully be back out in September or October.  The plan is definitely to get a world title fight in the near future and I am working with my promoter Dennis Hobson to achieve that.”

Josh’s father and trainer Mick is thought to be ‘at risk’ from the virus as he has tumours on his spine. Josh said: “He’s not going to be leaving home for a while. I’ve been doing his shopping then dropping it off at the front door.  I have been talking to my dad through the windows which has been strange. We might not see him for 12 weeks. He has seven grandsons so it is hard for him not to see them. But it’s the right thing to do because, if he were to get ill, it could be really, really bad.”

Wale has had 44 professional fights since his debut in 2006 with 31 wins, 11 defeats and two draws.  After a controversial loss for the European bantamweight title in France in 2018, he was beaten for the British super-bantamweight belt a year ago by Brad Foster at the Metrodome. He then moved up to  featherweight and is unbeaten so far.