CAR parking ‘chaos’ outside a school in Carlton has been criticised by local residents who believe it’s an accident waiting to happen during school hours.

Residents who live on Carlton Road have raised their concerns to council bosses about excessive parking on the stretch of road during school hours at Carlton Primary School.

Jayne Hulme, who has lived on Carlton Road for more than 20 years, believes that since students have returned to school, the parking has been worse than ever before.

The 51-year-old is campaigning for parents to park in a safer area before a pedestrian gets hurt as cars are forced to drive on the pavement to avoid parked vehicles.

Jayne told the Chronicle: “I have lived on this road for 22 years and have never seen the parking be this bad and this dangerous.

“I was honestly gobsmacked with the chaos the parking caused when the kids went back to school.

“Parents start arriving at Spring Lane and Carlton Road, and park all the way up to St John the Evangelist Church, and it’s almost impassible at school start and closing times.

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“We have witnessed two near misses on the blind bend as parents attempt to reverse onto the very narrow pavement.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen which is even more concerning when you think of the amount of children on the road before and after school.

“I’m not sure why, but in my 22 years in this area I have never seen the parking be this dangerous.”

Jayne has hit out at the drivers who obstruct vehicles, including a bus for nearby learning centre, from getting up Spring Lane.

“Cars struggled to get by safely, and so they have had to go on the pavement where pedestrians could be at risk.

“At the top of Spring Lane, there is the Carlton Resource Centre which cares for disabled people.

“Its mobility bus struggled to get by the school which causes even more worries for us.

“I’ve contacted every person or organisation I can to try and solve this issue but nothing has been done.

“I worry that if it’s continued to be left, someone could be seriously hurt. People must be more considerate when parking and think of others who live and drive by here.”

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for place, environment and transport, said: “We would always advise road users to park sensibly, so they do not put themselves, other road users, or pedestrians in danger, particularly in areas surrounding schools.

“If there are civil restrictions in place, such as yellow lines or waiting restrictions, then our enforcement team can monitor this and take action where appropriate.

“Where there are no civil restrictions in place, then road users have a legal right to park unless it causes an obstruction.

“In this instance, residents should call the South Yorkshire Police’s 101 non-emergency number to report the obstructing vehicle.”

A spokesperson from South Yorkshire Police added: “Police are aware of parking issues around Carlton Primary School.( “We are committed to working with our partners, and the school, to raise awareness about the clear dangers presented by irresponsible parking.( “Over the next few weeks, Police Community support officers will also be carrying out regular patrols outside the school.

“We continue to ask members to drive and park carefully to ensure the safety of young children as they go to and from school.”