THE Metrodome is now coal-free for the first time in the leisure complex’s history thanks to an upgrade to its heating systems which reduced its annual carbon emissions by 1,500 tonnes.

A major upgrade through a system of modern gas-fired boilers, alongside state-of-the-art combined heat and power (CHP) equipment, will provide the venue with all its heat and half its electricity, reducing the cost of running the Queens Road centre.

New air conditioning units will also mean the pool area will be less humid.

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for place, said: “We’re embedding a carbon reduction culture right across the council and it’s fantastic to be able to take 1,500 tonnes of carbon a year out of our atmosphere with this upgrade.

“While we’re all proud of Barnsley’s rich history of mining, we can be just as proud to see a lower-carbon Metrodome because addressing the climate emergency and reducing our impact on the planet is the most important thing we can do for our next generation.”