Valerien Ismael admits he was ‘shocked’ by the ‘unacceptable’ booing of footballers taking a knee at some grounds this week.

After fans were allowed back in stadiums in some areas of the country, supporters of Millwall and Colchester United booed players kneeling before the game.

‘Taking the knee’ has become a regular event at most games in the country in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and now the FA’s No Room For Racism campaign. Barnsley head coach Ismael told the Chronicle: “Racism is a big topic in the world, we have to fight against it and take a position.

“We don’t accept it. When you have children you have to tell them why you do this. It is to send a message all over the world.”

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He added: “The first thing I have to say is we are so happy to see fans in the stadiums, and I am looking forward to seeing our fans in the stadium.

“You expect a good positive attitude then you see that (the booing). It was a shock to me after the tough time we have been through.

“It is not acceptable. Football has the possibility to take position, we took one and we have to protect it.

“It is our choice to take the knee. A lot of players come from different cultures and countries. Football is for everybody.”

Captain Alex Mowatt has been arranging for Barnsley to take the knee before games. He said: “I speak with the referee and the other captain before the game.

“We have done that in near enough every game so it shows what we’re about as a club.

“We want to take a knee.

“We’re diverse as a team.”