RESIDENTS whose homes border a new multi-million pound road are ‘in the dark’ over plans to install noise insulation measures at their properties to address the knock-on impact of hundreds of daily vehicle movements.

Planning permission for the one-way gyratory - off Dodworth Road in Pogmoor - was granted in 2018 and had a planning condition which required Barnsley Council to identify all affected homes and decide what noise insulation measures should be offered before any construction works started.

However, Coun Peter Fielding told the Chronicle he is ‘increasingly concerned’ by the local authority’s alleged reluctance to inform the 56 residents what - and when - works will be carried out despite the road’s creation picking up pace.

“The original assessment identified that 56 homes would be entitled to have noise insulation works, paid for by the council, due to the gyratory being built on Penny Pie Park,” he added.

“Even now no residents have been informed as to whether their home will be affected and whether they will be entitled to noise insulation works, let alone what those works will be and when they will be installed.

“A number of residents have asked for this information from the council to no avail.

“This is simply not good enough - people’s homes are badly affected by the construction of this gyratory and the council should be bending over backwards to soften the blow.

“So despite the council knowing for two-and-a-half years that 56 homes will be affected, they have failed to inform any residents about it.

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“These residents are being kept in the dark about their homes and the council seem only prepared to do what they are legally required to do.”

Blighted by controversy since the local authority announced the road - which bosses say is essential due to tailbacks to junction 37 of the M1 - it culminated in a 2,700-signature petition being lodged against it.

However, the local authority revealed last month that work can now commence following ground preparation and the appointment of the contractor - Abbeydale - and could even be completed by the end of the year.

Original estimates saw £4.3m set aside for its completion but a further £3.053m was granted before Christmas, which the council said was a result of improvements - such as a new footbridge and residents’ noise insulation schemes - now being included.

A council report said: “The noise assessment showed that in the vast majority of cases the increase in noise levels predicted by the scheme was generally considered to be negligible or minor in terms of impact.

“However there are 56 properties, on Dodworth Road and Pogmoor Road, that are already adversely affected by noise levels, so even a minor increase in noise levels could be considered as significant.

“It was therefore agreed that for these 56 properties a noise insulation scheme would be provided to the affected facades in line with the noise insulation regulation package of measures.

“Work has been ongoing with noise consultants to draft a scheme setting out the procedures to be applied in contacting affected residents, identifying eligible rooms, scoping the required noise insulation measures and arranging installation.

“A draft specification is also being provided to assist the council in the procurement of a specialist contractor to implement the scheme, but any mitigation measure would be subject to acceptance by the owner of the property.”