A MAN born and bred in Royston who turned 100 last month says his secret to great age was his hobby of long-distance biking.

Horace Lavender turned 100 on April 9, and earlier this week he went to the local Post Office to show off his birthday card from the Queen.

Born in Royston in 1921, Horace worked at New Monckton Colliery and Grimethorpe Colliery for more than 40 years.

Even at the age of 100 he’s still self-dependent and has taken a liking for woodwork in recent times - though he admits that the last year has been hard following the death of his wife.

He told the Chronicle: “I lost my wife about 14 months ago which was a bit of a blow and I’d been her carer for 12 years - it’s been hard.

“I’ve always had an interest in woodwork and I’ve been making little garden seats for plant pots - I’ve made about 120 of them and given them all away.

“I was born in Royston and it’s changed a lot since then - I’ve worked in New Monckton Colliery and Grimethorpe and I got married in South Kirkby in 1946.

“I look after myself, cooking and cleaning and I’m really self-dependent.

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“I used to be a long-distance bike rider and I’ve travelled to places like Ramsgate - that’s definitely helped.”