ACCESS to a popular walking route around a Grimethorpe wind farm remains closed as repairs to a damaged turbine have not been carried out - almost two months later.

In March, strong winds caused a blade become dislodged from one of the turbines at Park Spring Wind Farm.

Fibre glass debris fell into the fields below but no-one was hurt in the incident.

Coun Kevin Osborne said: “I saw the damage on the day it happened - now it looks like the turbine is collapsing in on itself.

“It honestly baffles me why the repairs haven’t been carried out.

“The other two turbines were restarted not long after the damaged happened - but who’s to say they aren’t dangerous, too?

“There’s also some debris dangling from the affected turbine which I am worried could fall off and hurt someone.

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“The area is cordoned off and a security guard stops people from getting onto the site but that might not be enough to stop debris from falling into the road.”

Kevin is now calling for the turbine to be removed to help keep the area safe.

Director of asset operations for EDF, Piero Maggio, added: “Safety is our number one priority and given the structural damage, we are carefully assessing how we enter the turbine and remove the blades safely.

“It will be a gradual process and we are still working closely with the manufacturer of the turbine, GE Renewable Energy to achieve this and determine the root cause.

“The two remaining machines have been thoroughly inspected internally and externally and are now safely up and running.”