COUNTRY singer-songwriter Katie Kaye’s latest single - inspired by her late grandad - has been years in the making.

The 22-year-old only released her debut ‘Leaving Them Here’ a few months ago, and is already celebrating the release of its follow-up ‘Paper Planes’, out today.

But her new song, she said, is the first she ever wrote.

Katie was signed up to the artist development programme at Sheffield’s Steelworks Studios - founded by hit-maker Eliot Kennedy - a short while ago and formed a working relationship with co-writer Tom Barker ahead of her first release.

While that partnership is again behind ‘Paper Planes’, with songwriter Ben Weighill also credited, the inspiration behind the single is deeply personal to Penistone-born actor and teacher Katie.

“It was written about losing my grandad, Brian Kaye,” she said.

“He instilled a lot of life lessons in me and I have a lot of happy memories with him.

“A lot of old-fashioned phrases he used stuck with me.

“I started writing as if I was speaking to him. The bridge of the song is written from his perspective.

“It’s such a sentimental song, everything needed to be perfect.

“The song itself is about six years old. It’s been sat for about three years, but we revisited it and made it more modern.

“I can hear the change in my own voice, and the production has come a long way.

“We’ve been changing things right up to the last minute, but it’s sounding good.

“This month he would’ve had his birthday, so it all felt right.”