MAYOR of Barnsley Coun Caroline Makinson has been welcomed back into the role following a Covid-hit term in the post.

Coun Makinson, who represents the Royston ward, was originally welcomed as the mayor in October last year.

Due to the postponed start to the mayor’s year - which usually begins in May - and the impact the pandemic had on her role during her stint, she will now serve her full term in 2021/22.

She will continue to be supported by her husband, Barry Makinson, who’ll take on the role of/ the/ mayor’s consort./

Coun Sarah Tattersall was also welcomed as deputy mayor for the year at yesterday’s full council meeting.

Coun Makinson said:/ “I’m/ so grateful to have the opportunity to continue my role as Mayor of Barnsley.

“The pandemic stopped me attending functions, events, holding civic events and greatly impacted on fundraising opportunities.

“I can’t wait to be able to safely meet people face-to-face and get back into our communities.

“I am also continuing with my theme of children and young people - despite the immense challenges and disruptions faced by our young people over the last year, they have shown incredible resilience and have really done us proud.

“As restrictions lift, we can start rebuilding Barnsley and with our spirit and resilience, we will come back stronger than ever, and I can’t wait to be part of this.”/