COUNCIL highways bosses have ruled out introducing road safety measures on a well-known ‘danger’ road near the town centre which has seen several accidents in less than a month - despite neighbours urging action to be taken to boost safety.

After a lorry crashed into a garden wall on the notorious sharp corner of Pontefract Road and Oaks Lane three weeks ago, the council said introducing measures at the site ‘wasn’t justified’.

However just over two weeks later - on Tuesday morning - another vehicle hit the wall again but had driven off by the time residents had hurried outside.

The resident of the affected property, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “It is really bad and I’m scared there’ll be more accidents.

“The lane is bad anyway but people come around this corner so fast.

“I’m lucky my dog wasn’t where the wall fell at the time because he likes going on that bit of the garden.

“It’s ruined all my plants, too. I don’t know how I’m supposed to move the debris - they’re too big - it’s a two-man job.

“They’re still falling too, so I’m still conscious about my dog being hit by the loose bricks.”

The driver of the lorry from the first crash - which belonged to shipping company Hales Freight - was on his first day of the job when he reversed down the steep hill into the garden wall.

He said the sat-nav had taken him up Oaks Lane and upon realising it wasn’t suitable for the large HGV, he attempted to reverse it back down to Pontefract Road, knocking the wall down on the way.

Oaks Lane was also the site where a man and his dog were killed after a car mounted the pavement earlier this year.

Coun Margaret Bruff, who represents the Central ward, added: “I have to say people who seem to know the road well seem to be quite well mannered in using it safely.

“People who don’t use the road often probably wont know that about the joining road on Oaks Lane just around the corner, which makes people very vulnerable when they come around the corner too fast.”

Coun Bruff told the Chronicle she had informed council officers of damage to the wall to encourage them to remove the debris for safety reasons.

She has also requested they review the signage at the bottom of the lane as the current height and width warning sign is only visible to some vehicles once they have already started turning.

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for place, said: “Every site that is recommended for road safety improvements is prioritised for funding across the borough.

“As the budget for treatments is limited, the sites with the greatest proven need are treated first - these will have a cluster of incidents with a discernible trend or pattern in each cause.

“There were no injury accidents recorded at the Oaks Lane/Pontefract Road junction in the three years from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, so improvement measures are not justified at present.

“We will continue to monitor this location and, should the situation change, we will look at it in detail.”