A TEENAGER who saved the life of a youngster while on holiday in Skegness was given a hero’s welcome back to his secondary school.

Year ten student Jack Fenton - nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award in last week’s Chronicle - returned to Kirk Balk Academy earlier this month and staff and students alike have been congratulating him for his bravery and selflessness.

The school holds an event every week called ‘PROUD Thursday’ where students select work that they are proud of and are rewarded by members of the senior leadership team.

VIP guests are usually invited to make the event even more special, and last week Jack was taking part at the ‘other side of the table’ by signing the students’ certificates in his new hero status.

Principal Dean Buckley said: “We are all so proud of Jack for his bravery, he really has done himself, the school and the local community proud.”