CONSULTATION is now open for the public to scrutinise £17.2m plans to reduce flood risk across Barnsley.

It was announced last week that Barnsley Council, along with other councils in the county, partnered up with the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority to form Connected By Water.

Council leader Sir Steve Houghton, who attended the launch last Friday, said: “This is a hugely important plan for the people of Barnsley.

“Flooding has impacted many families and businesses within all too recent memory - in Barnsley, our immediate priorities will of course be the impact on residents and businesses.

“What’s at the core of this plan, though, is the importance of working together to understand and respond to the bigger picture of how water flowing through the rivers and streams of our landscape ignores borough boundaries.

The public consultation period will be open until March 11 and comments be given on the council’s website.