THE award-winning Barnsley Youth Choir will expand its provision to inspire the next generation in the borough.

Leaders from the group will partner Little Singers - which supports pre-school children with singing classes - in order to create a development pathway into the choir.

Eleanor Wright, leader of Little Singers - based at Emmanuel Church on Huddersfield Road - said: “We set up as a small venture to support parents who wanted to give their children an excellent start, before potentially progressing singing in choirs.

“Joining Barnsley Youth Choir will provide us with wonderful opportunities to grow and allow more children and their families to access these classes.”

Barnsley Youth Choir - ranked third in its category in the Interkultur World Rankings - now provides choral training to more than 450 young people aged four to 24 years old.

President Ann Wroe believes the link-up with Little Singers will provide the final piece in the jigsaw and inspire toddlers into joining the ranks.

“We are really excited to welcome Little Singers to the family - so many of these children have gone on to join us that it seems a very natural development to work more closely together,” she added.

“Eleanor’s work is really inspirational - she is such a talent and brings the very best out of young people she works with.

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“It’s wonderful to think that there are world-class opportunities for everyone up to 24 and even babies and their parents are able to have a really special experience with us.”