A FOUR-WEEK-LONG operation to increase drug testing upon arrest has been launched by South Yorkshire Police.

The force, across the county including in Barnsley, has obtained additional funds from the Home Office to help identify those who are misusing drug.

DC Mark Oughton, the force lead for drugs, said: “Drug testing is a powerful tool for identifying drug-misusing offenders.

“A positive drug test means we can ensure the individual can access treatment and other necessary support, in order to reduce their associated offending.

“We work closely with our partners and drugs services to tackle the root cause of offending - often the only way these individuals can stop offending is by tackling the addiction issues which make them vulnerable.

“By identifying these issues early-on, we can reduce criminality further down the line.

“Unfortunately, there are those who refuse our help and support. If an offender is unwilling to address their drug misuse and related offending, we will then take enforcement action and further steps through the criminal justice system.”