A STAINCROSS man believes the council ‘do not care’ about residents after a traffic sign was changed in the area with no public consultation.

John Race, of Staincross Common, lives across from Paddock Road and was unhappy to find a weight limit sign had been doubled to 7.5 tonnes.

He has expressed his disdain at the sign change, as well as a recent petition which was rejected to implement traffic calming measures on the road.

He added: “They always say it when they stand to be elected that they care, so did our Labour councillors show their care when they rejected a petition from residents on Paddock Road on Staincross for traffic calming measures on this road?

“Then weeks later as three-and-a-half tonne traffic weight restriction signs were changed to seven-and-a-half tonnes.

“There was no public notification, or consultation with residents.

“This is a foolish and inconsiderate change - when on most days you can see traffic movement onto and along the road, which could bring about damage to property, and injury to people.

“For the residents it’s a clear kick in the face and shows they do not care.”

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council’s highway service said the sign had been replaced as the previous ones did not conform to the standards and so the restriction was not enforceable.

They also said they would not consult the change wider at this stage as it wasn’t a ‘significant change’.