ACTRESS Katherine Kelly was amongst the recipients who were awarded the Freedom of the Borough on Wednesday at Barnsley Town Hall.

It is the highest honour a council can bestow and the tradition is maintained as a means whereby public recognition may be given as an expression of the highest esteem in which they are held by the people of the borough.

Katherine attended the ceremony with fellow nominees Katherine Brunt, Graham Ibbeson, Mat Wright MBE and the ICU team at Barnsley Hospital.

The 42-year-old, whose father John Kelly runs the Lamproom Theatre, is still involved with the work done there.

“It’s been a real treat, I think especially after the last two years we don’t take gatherings for granted,” she told the Chronicle.

“Actors are travellers these days, but I think the home is more than a place, it’s the people, and my people are very much embedded here in the town, and give a lot back to Barnsley.

“The Lamproom is my big connection to the town, and always has been since I left, because it was actually built in 1998, which is when I went to RADA.

“It’s definitely a characterful place and I’ve met a few actors who are from Barnsley like Shaun Dooley everyone is always very proud to be from here.”