BARNSLEY Council’s ruling cabinet members have agreed a £2.5m scheme to retrofit 150 tenants’ properties to make them more energy efficient.

Council properties’ roofs, walls and lofts will be fitted with better insulation.

A further £500,000 has also been approved to help vulnerable residents in fuel poverty or living with long-term health conditions with the cost of replacing gas boilers.

Coun Tim Cheetham, cabinet spokesperson for regeneration and culture, said: “The programme will improve efficiency of the properties, making them warmer and reducing energy use.

“The council and Berneslai Homes are developing a wider retrofit programme which will consider how we can improve the efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across all the stock.

“It’s £1,000 a house in terms of grant funding from the government, so it does begin to give you some idea of the scale of the spend that’s going to be required.

“It does need ramping up.”