A WOMAN who aims to raise £10,000 this year in memory of her uncle - who died of a rare brain tumour - has made an ‘outstanding’ start after this weekend’s fundraising Easter fair.

The fair, organised by Gaby Haywood and her family, took place at Grimethorpe’s New Options Community Fitness Centre and raised more than £1,500 for the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Tony ‘Tonk’ Clarkson.

The 37-year-old from Grimethorpe died ten years ago, having been diagnosed with a choroid plexus carcinoma - a form of brain tumour.

His family quickly turned to fundraising to support others affected by brain tumours, setting up the Tonk Clarkson Fund which has raised close to £19,000.

Gaby, 28, of Church Court, Brierley, said: “We wanted to raise awareness of brain tumours - we didn’t really know much about the signs of them - and also have something in his memory that we could continually support.

“As a family, we’re very positive people and tried to turn a negative situation into a positive.

“I’ve took it upon myself to raise £10,000 for the tenth anniversary of his passing.

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“We’ve not done anything in such a long time, it was good to get back doing a community event on the weekend.

“It ended up a sell-out and we had to close early.

“I was surprised counting up all the funds.

“It’s a worthy cause, and the money is going to support people in the same situation our family have been in - that’s my drive.”

Further events through the year include a superhero-themed walk on May 14 - which Gaby said anyone is welcome to join in with - and a ‘Great Gatsby’ evening at the Metrodome on June 4.

Search for the ‘Tonk Clarkson Fund’ page on Facebook.