A COMMUNITY food hub is opening its doors in Shafton as part of a local organisation’s mission to tackle food poverty.

Storehouse and Field is a membership scheme by Good Food Barnsley designed to enable families to afford to eat better.

Sited at the former Shafton Methodist Church, the hub will be sharing the space with boxing coaches based at Hard Knocks Gym who are establishing a community-focused health centre alongside a traditional gym.

An opening day is being held on Monday from 11am to 3pm for people to find out about the service and how to sign up.

“We’re all about food access and food stability,” said Amy Calvert, the innovation manager for Good Food Barnsley.

“Generally speaking, when you have limited means, the last thing on your mind is how healthy you are eating.

“All possibilities for eating well should be open to everyone - and that is what we’re aiming to do.

“There are mixed demographics in Shafton - people have to travel a bit further for supermarkets than other areas.

“When you’re forced to shop at certain places, it can be really challenging for families with lower incomes.

“The food available on average on the Storehouse and Field scheme is around three times as much in value than what people will pay for their membership fees.”