A PLAN to build 43 homes in Goldthorpe has been earmarked to be approved.

Barnsley Council’s planning board members will meet on Tuesday to discuss applicant James Blunt’s plan for land off Barnsley Road.

The plans consist eight two-bedroom, 29 three-bedroom and two four-bedroom terraced, semi-detached and detached houses.

Where houses back onto the A635 or Aldi, acoustic fencing to a height of 2.4 metres is proposed.

Coun May Noble objected to the scheme, according to a planning report, raising concerns about the shared entrance with Aldi and the amount of traffic associated with the store.

A total of £256,000 will be secured through a Section 106 agreement - cash set aside for loss of amenity - and will be spent on improving school places.

The report said: “The scheme proposed has been amended through the application process and the applicant has sought to address concerns.

“The existing site is a grass field with some hedgerows and a few trees around the edges.

“In this respect it has some visual amenity value which will be lost as a result of the development.

“However, this impact is mitigated in part by the urban edges to the site.

“A strong frontage is presented to Barnsley Road and the internal layout meets design standards with some minor exceptions.

“The applicant has also retained the more valuable habitats on site and maximised mitigation for habitats lost.( “On this basis the proposed is accepted to be sustainable development which is in compliance with the development plan.”