DODWORTH-born Marie Tidball has thrown her hat in the ring to be Labour’s candidate for the Penistone and Stocksbridge constituency at the next general election.

Marie, who attended Penistone Grammar School, is one of the country’s leading disability rights campaigners and wants to use her skills and extensive experience to represent the community which gave her so much.

Labour’s application process for the selection of the candidate for Stocksbridge and Penistone - which is currently held by Conservative MP Miriam Cates - opened on Monday.

Marie said: “Penistone and Stocksbridge are where my roots are, where my family still live.

“It is the place that shaped me into the person I am today and has given me so much - I want to give back to the community that made me.

“I know the difference that world-class public services make to people’s life chances - I’ve lived it, I want people across my home constituency to have the same chances I had.

“The Tories just aren’t doing enough to secure the future of our local industry and jobs, leaving our economy vulnerable.

“We’re facing the biggest cost-of-living crisis for 40 years.

“I am tired of looking backwards at the damage caused by the Conservatives - only a Labour government can fix their mess.”