TRAFFIC ‘carnage’ is expected when parking restrictions come into force outside a village primary school - which residents say will simply move issues elsewhere.

The traffic regulation order (TRO) on the access road leading to Darton Primary School, which has been in the pipeline for a number of years, was approved by cabinet in May and becomes live on Monday.

But the order has been met with confusion and worry from locals - many of whom claim they weren’t aware of it due to a lack of consultation from the local authority.

There are double yellow lines on the road but these are not regularly enforced, while residents say they ‘work alongside’ school leaders and have never had any issues parking their own cars there.

A group from Darton Lane, which turns into Station Road, and Sackup Lane, where the school’s access road is located, have banded together to push for an urgent rethink.

Kara Brown, of Darton Lane, told the Chronicle: “A huge group of residents completely disagree with the new order.

“We’re just at our wits’ end.

“Come Monday, it’s going to be carnage.

“There are three rows of terrace houses.

“A lot of residents weren’t aware of this - there’s been no consultation, as far as we know, apart from a notice stuck to a lamppost.

“There are about 30-plus cars that belong to residents, and we work alongside the school - it’s something that’s been done for years and years.

“We’re lucky that we have that bit of space and we’re happy to work around parents.

“The school traffic can now only drop their kids off and run.

“It’s such a dangerous situation. It’s a fast road, a thin road, and there’s absolutely nowhere for anyone living here to park.”

Problem parking affects many schools in the borough, with issues at Darton stretching back years due to the school’s location off a busy crossroads on the main road through Darton and Mapplewell.

A former school site, across the road from the current one, has been mooted as a potential answer by residents who think it would make an ideal car park - but that’s currently planned for housing.

Darton East Coun Steve Hunt pushed for a TRO several years ago but said the current order didn’t take into account amendments he’d requested.

“These are long-standing problems which date back to when the new school was built around 20 years ago,” he said.

“During the TRO consultation local residents who use the access road for parking expressed concerns about where they would be able to park outside school times.

“As part of the changes just 20 metres has been allocated on the access road where residents can park outside school times.

“During the consultation I requested more parking on the access road outside school times in addition to this 20-metre section.

“Unfortunately my concerns and those of residents were not listened to.

“Last Thursday Coun Dickie Denton and I met around 20 extremely frustrated and worried residents.

“Some of the residents had been unaware of the TRO consultation as letters were not posted to them.

“A notice had been fixed to a lamppost which many residents had not seen.”

A cabinet report from May said just seven residents had responded to consultation, of which one was positive.

Kara said: “Six residents wrote in to oppose the plans properly - because nobody else knew about it.

“Some cars aren’t going to be here all the time, but a couple work part-time, a couple are retired, so there’s going to be quite a few vehicles and some already park on the main road.

“The old school site across the road has sat empty for ten years, but we’ve been told it’s been earmarked for more housing, which means more cars.

“It’s just moving the problem from the school to across the road.

“We struggle now to get an ambulance or fire engine down, but it’s going to be impassable.

“It’s a terrible idea that’s going to escalate the problem.”