AN antisocial behaviour-hit village is becoming like the ‘wild west’, according to a fed-up councillor who has urged the police to take action.

Last Friday evening a group ran across Upperwood Road, Darfield, and pushed over a resident’s fence, and damaged a bus stop, removing the glass panelling.

Coun Trevor Smith said there has been an increase in the amount of antisocial behaviour in the village.

“You name it, we’ve had it - we’ve got a drug and alcohol problem in Darfield.

“They must have been strong people to do the damage they’ve done.

“I attended a Safer Barnsley meeting with the police last week and asked for money for another camera, so I’m hoping that will happen.

“We are doing our best to stop it, but the police must understand our needs now are different to what they were years ago.

“We have asked for more regular patrols, but catching vandals like this is a different issue.

“The police can’t bottom it at the minute because those concerned are all underage, but they are out until two or three o’clock in the morning.

“The thing that gets me is the parents must know the youths are out at this time of night - we don’t want this sort of thing to be happening.”