A PENSIONER’S penchant for knitting unusual items and scenes has led her on to her latest creation - a full playground complete with children playing.

Joyce Morton, 89, learned to knit as an eight-year-old with two six-inch nails and a piece of string, and those humble beginnings led to a lifelong passion.

Joyce, of Springfield Road, Hoyland Common, was featured in the Chronicle in 1991 having convinced visitors that a 26-inch three-tier wedding cake was real - rather than made of wool.

The playground, the product of more than a month of work, is equally as impressive.

Her son Paul, 65, said: “She’s knitting all the time - she’s always got a project in her mind.

“It keeps her going.

“The playground is about half a square metre, so takes up a big chunk of the side in the kitchen.”