PLANS to build hundreds of homes across Barnsley have been submitted to the council’s planning board over the last few weeks, prompting local councillors to slam proposals.

An application for the residential development of 50 new properties in Dodworth was submitted last month.

The properties - 37 of which will have three bedrooms, nine will have four bedrooms and four will have two bedrooms - are set to be built just off Dodworth Green Road.

This led Coun Chris Wray, of the Dodworth ward, to claim the plans would exacerbate already-dangerous road problems in the area.

Last month, he attended a speed check exercise on a nearby road alongside Coun Peter Fielding and local police officers.

More than 25 per cent of the vehicles that were checked nine out of 35 were caught speeding.

He said: “There are a lot of issues with the constant development like anything, but we do need more houses.

“There’s not the capacity for it on this site because of the way cars will come out.

“As it stands, whilst the road is as it is, the road is not a safe exit and there’s risks of accidents.”

In the past two weeks, two more planning applications have been submitted - totalling more than 200 new homes - in Birdwell and Darton.

A total of 114 new properties could be built in Birdwell, south of Hay Green Lane on land currently grazed by horses.

The 3.59-hectare site would comprise two, three and four-bedroom properties.

A planning document states: “The site is located to the south of Hay Green Lane and is bounded to the west by the rear access road to properties on the A61 Sheffield Road, Birdwell Recreation Ground and agricultural land to the east and south.

“The majority of the site comprises paddock land (currently grazed by horses) with allotment gardens and some fenced compartments utilised for keeping livestock in the western part of the site.

“It is considered that there are a range of local facilities including education, health care and convenience shopping within the area surrounding the proposed development site that would be accessible by a range of modes other than the private car.

“These facilities will also provide a range of local employment opportunities that are within walking distance of the site as well other commercial uses in the surrounding area.

“The proposed development facilitates the continued growth and delivery of Birdwell, the applicant therefore respectfully requests that the submission is progressed to determination and approved accordingly.”

A total of 102 neighbours have been made aware of the application with no appeals to date - public consultation ends on July 26.

Elsewhere in Barnsley, a planning application for up to 115 houses in Darton was submitted recently - with 300 neighbours told about the plans.

If approved, the properties will be built at two sites on Woolley Colliery Road - with up to 75 dwellings on the northern section and up to 40 on the southern.

A planning statement added: “All vehicular access will be taken from Woolley Colliery Road.

“The northern and southern site will each have independent access points with priority-controlled junctions.

“The existing access to the northern site is to be extinguished, with a new access relocated further south to improve visibility to the north, due to the gradient change of Woolley Colliery Road.

“The new access location also accommodates an overland flood route from the area of previous flooding on Woolley Colliery Road through the development to the watercourse adjacent to the northern boundary.

“A minimum of two parking spaces are to be provided in accordance with local policy, including one electric vehicle charging point per dwelling.”

Public consultation ends on July 20.