A SPIKE in deliberate fires caused by groups of youths are running the risk of causing ‘significant damage’ to housing and a school.

Fires have been happening across July in Worsbrough - and Coun Jake Lodge is determined to get the problem under control.

“Last Sunday evening has been the only night we’ve not had one,” he said.

“The spate of fires have been quite close to residential properties and Worsbrough Bank End Primary School.”

The majority of the fires are being started at the end of Wellington Crescent.

A public footpath there makes for easy access to the fields nearby, and also make it easy for those who light them to get away, Jake said.

“The council have been out since to remove trees from the area to try and stop it, but it has hasn’t deterred them.

“The problem is the kids doing it are smart in one way as they’re quick to get away, but daft in another because they don’t realise they could kill someone.”