FUNDS are available to rebuild homes which had to be demolished following a fire on the hottest day on record in July, according to Barnsley Council.

The fire, in Kingstone, began at 3.40pm on July 19 and destroyed four homes, damaging two more.

Yesterday it was revealed that a cash reserve - secured through a self-insurance fund set aside for housing stock each year - is there if required.

An email, obtained by the Chronicle, said: “Council houses are dealt with entirely via self-insurance fund arrangements.

“An amount is set aside each year from the council’s budget to create a specific, ring-fenced reserve held solely for insurance purposes.

“This reserve is then used where the council does not have external insurance cover - as is the case with council houses - or to cover insurance excesses where that is required.

“In relation to the council houses that were destroyed by the fires recently, there is sufficient resource within the fund to pay for any costs associated with demolition, safety works and, where necessary, replacement.”