TEENAGE mum Keeley Haigh and her partner Tyler Morter have been told that a drug from America is their baby daughter’s final chance of survival following a devastating brain tumour diagnosis.

Medics at first thought that one-year-old Faith was suffering with teething issues but the young couple’s 'whole world fell apart' when a brain tumour was discovered.

Faith, who was born on July 22 2021, has spent much of her short life in hospital, undergoing numerous operations, in her battle to recover.

Keeley, 19, of Cudworth, told the Chronicle: “On March 16 we took Faith to A&E but we were told it was just teething. Eventually they took her down for a brain scan where they found a tumour.

“She was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital and she went straight into theatre. The next day she had a 12-hour operation to remove her tumour.

“The surgeon said it went well and it was removed - but within three weeks it returned.”

It was just the start for Faith, who has undergone gruelling treatment following the diagnosis - but nothing has helped as yet.

Keeley said the diagnosis was heartbreaking.

“It was horrible,” she added. “I’ve never cried as much as I have in the past few months watching my baby fight for her life. It was devastating - I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s so draining, the whole family are being affected by it.

“It really is like our hearts are being ripped out.”

The operations Faith has been undergoing seemed to ahve work initially, but within weeks tumours grew back.

“Since March we’ve had to watch Faith go through multiple brain surgeries,” she added.

“It was terrifying not knowing what the outcome was going to be for our girl.

“She has received more than 12 general anaesthetics, which comes with life risk every time.

“This has resulted in major changes to her life such as only being able to be fed via a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube.

“In August her liver took a big knock with chemotherapy which resulted in acute liver failure.

“We thought chemotherapy went well but then they found two more tumours.”

The family have been left with one last option before she’s placed onto palliative care - a drug from America.

“Sadly, doctors have decided that the only course of treatment left for Faith is tazemetostat from America,” she said. “We are praying this drug works for her.

“If tazemetostat don’t work the only option for Faith is to be put on a palliative care,

“She has spent most of her life in hospital fighting - she’s been the bravest and strongest little girl for the past seven months.

“She’s got to be on this drug for the next two years and it really is her last chance.

“We’ve been trying to get her onto radiotherapy but at the minute she’s too young.”

Faith - who is Tyler, 20, and Keeley’s first child - was born almost four months’ premature last July.

Described as a fighter, her parents have been told to start making memories and a fundraiser has already surpassed their initial target of £2,000.

“We want to make as many memories as possible because all we have at the minute are the ones in hospital,” she said.

“We weren’t going to do the fundraiser but when we did we didn’t think we’d get anything.

“But what it’s shown is that there’s so many nice people out there - we’re so grateful.”