THE art of ferret-legging may be from a bygone age but it once earned a Barnsley man fame... and a trip to Australia.

Back in early 1985, the famed ferret-legger Reg Mellor, proved a major hit Down Under with his unusual skill.

Reg, who was 74 at the time and living on Honeywell Street, appeared on the Mike Walsh Show on Australian TV where he wowed the host and audience alike by putting three ferrets down his trousers.

Reg had hoped to beat his own world record for an Aussie charity but was not allowed to as he was on a holiday permit rather than a working one put pay to that idea.

Reg, a widower, who had also been a soldier, steeplejack and miner in his varied life, went on the trip with his 15-year-old granddaughter Sharon.

He said of the trip: “If I had the choice of being given several thousand pounds or offered a return visit, I would go for the return visit every time.”