Hosting the perfect game night may sound like an easy task, but if you really want to make it a night to remember, there are lots of things you can do to prepare for the evening in advance. In this article, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you with your preparations so you can get your evening off to a great start and leave all your guests feeling satisfied and content whatever the end result of the game!


Once you’ve decided which game you want to watch, the next step is to invite your guests. Make sure you do this in enough time so they don’t make any other plans to watch the game elsewhere or attend a different event. It’s also a good idea to invite a fair few people as this will make the atmosphere more fun and enjoyable for everyone, although you shouldn’t go overboard if you don’t have enough space for a very large group.

Food & Drinks

No game night would be complete without something to eat and drink and getting stocked up early is the best way to avoid running out of supplies! You can consider ordering your drinks online to save time and if you’re worried about going over your budget, check out this Vivino discount code to get a deal on your drinks. It’s essential to ensure you have a decent selection of drinks, including alcohol and soft drinks for your guests to choose from. Don’t forget that your guests will also want something to eat, even if you don’t plan on offering a full meal, you should have lots of snacks or even a buffet-style spread of finger foods to keep everyone happy. Set your food and drink selection up in an area where your guests can easily access them throughout the match and help themselves.


Depending on the number of people you expect to attend, and the space you have available, you can organise the room accordingly. It’s most likely that you’ll be hosting the match in your living room and you may need to make a few small changes to accommodate everyone and create the ideal mood. If you’ve got extra furniture such as a coffee table that isn’t going to be required you can think about moving it to another part of the house for the game night, and you will also need to consider seating. Make sure you have enough seats for everyone to feel comfortable and if necessary, grab some extra chairs and cushions. In case you have a garden and the weather is good, hosting the game outside may also be an option.

Set the mood

As with any kind of occasion, it is always a good idea to try to create the ideal atmosphere for the situation. This includes things like lighting. It’s probably best to avoid too much or too little lighting but focus on key areas where more light is needed so the room is not too bright to take away the action on the screen. You could also invite your friends earlier than the scheduled time of the match so that everyone can get settled and have a quick chat before kick-off, and once everyone has arrived, you can all countdown to the start of the match together.

Now that you have some extra ideas on how to host the perfect game night, be prepared that your place will probably be the first choice for the next match too! If you’re ready to plan your next event, you can find out about upcoming sports matches and more on The Guardian website.