A DARFIELD resident celebrated her 100th birthday over the weekend.

Olga Bowley, originally from Low Valley and now living in Woodhall Flats, Darfield, turned 100 last Thursday.

She enjoyed a party with her friends and family at The Darfield on Nanny Marr Road last Saturday.

Her son, Robert Bowley, 70, told the Chronicle: “My mum is a massive family person.

“She’s always done so much for those around her.”

Olga, who learnt from her mum - who was a tailoress - how to make dance costumes, made them for her sister, Elizabeth Craven, who had a dance school in Darfield.

Olga likes to keep busy by making Sunday dinners for her family when they go to visit.

Robert added: “She’s obviously not as mobile anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from getting out and about and making sure all her laundry gets done.

“She’ll have a brandy with us when we pop up to the flats.

“She really is brilliant for her age, she has all her wits about her and we are all so lucky to still have her around.

“The party was brilliant, she really enjoyed herself and so did we.”