WOMBWELL residents say that a common dumping ground sank to new levels last weekend after three huge mounds of rubbish were dumped.

The fly-tipping took place on Pit Lane, down the hill from the Barley Sheaf public house, and one resident, who contacted the Chronicle, said: “Everyone is up in arms about it and no wonder.

“Wombwell Woods is the jewel in the town’s crown - the woods are about the only worthwhile thing we've got left and the fly tippers don't appear to have any qualms about destroying its natural beauty."

“The community is up in arms - last Friday there was a huge pile and then next morning there were two more massive piles.

“There was all sorts dumped including building rubble, even a supermarket trolley.

"In the past, there have been old settees and fridge freezers full of rotting food but this latest incident has beaten the lot of it.”

Residents are calling for stronger deterrents and are questioning whether CCTV cameras or more prosecutions would help stop the fly-tippers.

“We rarely see prosecutions and something needs to be done.

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“We also hear about people who pay people in good faith to get rid of their rubbish but they have to be licensed waste removal operatives.

“Another place that is a regular dumping spot is convicts’ tunnel on Smithley Lane.

“Something needs to be done, it’s just getting worse."