ONLY £520 in fines were issued by the council last year for fly-tipping despite more than 4,500 incidents being reported.

The latest data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs shows that 4,549 cases were reported to the council in 2021/22.

Of the incidents Barnsley Council were aware of, they took action on 2,525 of them - 2,497 of which resulted in an investigation taking place.

Just 19 incidents saw a fixed penalty notice issued by the council - and only three were issued specifically for fly-tipping.

Whilst 11 were sent out due to household duty of care and five were classed in the ‘other category’.

As part of the council’s actions, four stop and searches were carried out and three vehicles were seized.

Two people were prosecuted as part of their role in the tipping, with a total of £520 worth of fines being distributed.