A BARNSLEY singer is rubbing shoulders with the stars after her latest single shot to stardom this week - and she says her home town has had a massive impact on her career.

Izzy Watson, 22, from Old Town, sings under the stage name Sonni Mills - and her latest single ‘I Think You’ve Had Enough’ is sandwiched between Coldplay and Kate Bush in the iTunes downloads chart.

After honing her craft at Barnsley Youth Choir as a youngster, she picked up a gig at The Royal, in Darton, aged just 13.

She told the Chronicle: “I started at the youth choir when I was 11 and from there I managed to develop some confidence and it really helped me.

“I then started singing at The Royal pub when I was 13 and I’ve been singing at different pubs and venues ever since.

“That’s how I managed to get properly into the professional singing industry.”

This is Izzy’s third single and she said her ‘broad’ voice is something she wants to keep.

“I’ve been doing this for quite a while but mainly just doing covers,” she added.

“This is my third single but I’ve only just started putting all my songs out - October was the first time I released something.

“I like to let people know where I’m from.

“I’ve been told that I’m quite broad and I like that.

“It’s important that music keeps coming through the grassroots places.”

Having teamed with local band Skinny Living - whom she has also been on a sold-out tour with - Izzy said the new single is a collaborative effort.

“The song is about being with someone who hasn’t got your best interest at heart,” she said.

“It’s been so heartwarming to see the response to it after it was released on February 10.

“It’s just crept up in the charts because people have been reposting it.

“I never expected it to go this high.”

Her latest single is currently number eight in the alternative category, whilst also being placed between Coldplay and Kate Bush in the main download chart.

Her dad, Ian Watson, said he couldn’t be prouder of his daughter.

“To be in the top 100 for all artists is a big thing and to be sandwiched between Coldplay and Kate Bush isn’t something that happens to many people in Barnsley,” he said.

“I’m so proud of her, but I’m a big Barnsley lad so I would be proud if anyone from Barnsley did this.

“Barnsley is such a hotbed of musical talent and I’ve always said that.”

This is just the start for Izzy, though.

She added: “My aim is to try and make a living from this.

“I want to do something I’m proud of.

“I want to be able to listen to my own music.”

Her music can be found under her stage name Sonni Mills on Spotify and iTunes.