A BARNSLEY man who travels across the borough and spends time in various locations to save money, says his journey is ‘nothing less than an adventure’.

James Burton, 50, from Brampton, came up with the idea of living from the back of his van three weeks ago when his monthly rent on his property started increasing, to the point he struggled to make ends meet.

James told the Chronicle the last few weeks have been ‘a real adventure’ and he hasn’t endured any problems as of yet.

“I typically spend most of my time in supermarket car parks,” James said.

“I tend to find a quiet area where there aren’t many people, park my van up and just stay there for the night until the next morning arrives when I move to the next location.

“I like to spend some time in rural areas as well, so I’ve stayed in Elsecar and Cawthorne previously.

“I work full time so it’s just a night time thing - and my partner, Helen, sometimes comes with me on the weekends and we’ll find a new spot together.

“It’s exciting and it’s an adventure - I’ve enjoyed every night so far.”

Documenting his journeys on his YouTube channel, James has accumulated over 500,000 likes and has 13,000 subscribers, hoping to encourage others to follow in the same footsteps.

One of his recent videos, posted last Monday, featured an introduction to his channel, James going to the gym, a van tour, finding a spot to park, hiking around Langsett and him enjoying fish and chips with his partner Helen.

“I’d just finished my first full week stealth camping in my van when I posted that video.

“After a horrendous first night, I started to settle into a routine and so far things are looking really good,” he added.