PENISTONE and Stocksbridge MP Miriam Cates met with local police officers last week to discuss residents’ concerns.

She met with the Penistone policing team to attend one of their routine speed check sessions.

Ms Cates said: “I’ve had a number of residents write to me about their concerns over vehicles travelling at high speeds along Huddersfield Road, and so I’m pleased that local law enforcement are working to monitor and deter speeding in the area.

“It was also useful to catch up with officers about other issues affecting people living across Penistone, Dodworth and the villages of the Penistone East ward.

“I was reassured that dealing with burglaries, road safety and antisocial behaviour in our towns and rural areas were amongst their priorities.

“I continue to engage with the Penistone policing team, and others across the constituency, to make sure residents and businesses are kept safe and up to date with the police’s local activity.”