BARNSLEY Central MP Dan Jarvis paid tribute to those who lost their lives in Operation Telic - where he served - 20 years on.

Dan served in the operation in Iraq as Adjutant of 3 PARA in 2003 and then subsequently as a staff officer from the permanent joint head quarters in 2004.

In a Parliamentary debate on Monday, he paid tribute to the 179 members of the Armed Forces who lost their lives.

He said: “I know this will be a difficult moment for many who served in the Iraq conflict.

“This milestone brings back memories of service in the deserts and streets of Iraq - the heat and sand, the camaraderie - but also, the quiet fear of what was to come.

“Twenty years on, no matter what we think of the decisions that have sent our soldiers into conflict, it is right to pay tribute to those who served and sacrificed.

“I think it’s important we never forget the brave British servicemen and women who never came home, and the many who still bear the scars of the conflict.

“The purpose of my debate was to ensure that we remember he fallen, and that their legacy stands forever.”