CONCERNED residents whose homes have narrowly avoided being struck by speeding cars have finally had their calls for action answered - after Barnsley Council’s highways bosses committed to a raft of work in order to reduce high collision rates.

Burton Road, between Monk Bretton and Cudworth, has long been put forward for anti-speeding measures by residents on West Green Avenue - which runs alongside the main road - due to motorists allegedly exceeding its 30mph limit.

After two serious crashes in December - which residents said were the eighth in as many years - a petition containing almost 300 signatures was submitted to the council as a last-ditch attempt to force action.

A subsequent road safety assessment carried out by highways officers - which took place over the Christmas period - assessed what could be done after previous studies ruled out residents’ suggestions such as crash barriers and speed bumps.

However, the Chronicle can reveal that the road’s current refuge islands will be re-purposed in order for them to house so-called ‘speed cushions’ - effectively an elongated speed bump - in order to slow vehicles down.

Matt O’Neill, executive director for growth and sustainability at Barnsley Council, said: “Concerns were raised by residents and ward members around the excessive speed of some drivers who use this route, with a further concern that the speed of vehicles is contributing to a collision problem.

“A petition was created by a local resident and signed by 291 residents to request that we implement speed reduction measures.

“With this in mind, and following discussions with the local ward members, we’re proposing to install a series of speed cushions to reduce vehicle speeds and improve road safety on Burton Road.

“They’re located to utilise the existing refuge islands - making sure drivers cannot ‘bypass’ the cushions - and consider the national standards for traffic calming, which we must adhere to.”

First discussed by police and council bosses as far back as 2015, residents hailed the result as a positive step forward after ‘never-ending’ collisions which have resulted in cars careering off the main road into West Green Avenue.

David Price, who lives on West Green Avenue, added: “It’s happened so often over the years.

“Residents on West Green Avenue are living in fear and we’ve even paid for concrete bollards to be installed for a little more protection, but mine were ruined in the latest crash late last year.

“They did their job as they protected my house, but the garden was ruined.

“Anyone who lives here knows that its 30mph limit is regularly ignored - some cars travel at double that and something had to be done to slow them down.”