THERE’S less than a month until this year’s local elections - and the full list of candidates has been revealed to the public.

Taking place on Thursday, May 4 the election will see a total of 21 seats - a third of the council - up for grabs.

Currently in the council chamber there are 45 Labour councillors, nine Lib Dems, three Conservatives, three independent, one Barnsley Independent Group and one councillor from Reform UK.

On the election day, Labour has 12 councillors standing, Lib Dem has three, there’s three independent councillors, and one for each of the Conservatives, Barnsley Independent Group and a sole vacant seat.

Nine Barnsley councillors - who have racked up a total of 121 years of serving the community between them - will not stand for re-election in May.

Couns Neil Danforth, Victoria Felton, Peter Fielding and Andrew Gillis have all served on the council since 2019.

Whilst Couns Martin Dyson, Paul Hand Davis, Chris Lamb and Jenny Platts are also set to step down.

Coun Charlie Wraith has served on the council for almost half a century, and will also not stand for re-election later this year.

Rather than taking place overnight as it has done in previous years, the election count will be held the following day at Metrodome.

The first ward declaration time is expected to be at 12pm, and then the full declaration time at 3pm.

Here’s a full list of all the council candidates standing next month...

Barnsley Central

Steve Bullcock, Yorkshire Party

Martin Joseph O’Donoghue, Labour

Ruby Paul, Independent

Catherine Theresa Rogerson, Lib Dems

Chris Scarfe, Green

Charlotte Helen Wilkinson, Conservative


Mark Brook, Conservative

Anita Cherryholme, Labour

Ken Smith, Green

Elizabeth Kate Waters, Lib Dems


Benjamin Harrison, Conservative

Simon Richard Hulme, Lib Dems

Scott Andrew McKenzie, Reform UK

Trevor Smith, Labour

Darton East

Steve Hunt, Lib Dems

John Miller, Conservative

Teresa Wilcockson, Labour

Darton West

Kevin Bennett, Lib Dems

Simon Biltcliffe, Yorkshire Party

Trevor Cave, Labour

Bee Lokkit, Conservative

Lee Adrian Long, Green

Dearne North

Brian John Evans, Lib Dems

Gillian Millner, Conservatives

Martin Morrell, Labour

Maxine Spencer, English Constitution Party

Steve Vajda, Social Democratic Party

Dearne South

Linda Fielding, Lib Dems

Rosemary Jackson, Conservative

Dave Jarvis, Social Democratic Party

Abi Moore, Labour

Janus Polenceusz, English Constitution Party


Sam Christmas, Lib Dems

Lee Ogden, Conservative

Nicholas Mark Riggs, Labour

Hoyland Milton

Michael James Davies, Reform UK

Tom Heyes, Green

Glenn Charles Lawrence, Lib Dems

Cassie Northwood, Independent

Tim Shepherd, Labour

Michael John Toon, Conservative

Angela Ruth Waller, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Judy Barnsley, Independent

Peter Gordon Giles, Green

Roger Haw, Conservative

Tracey-Ann Holland, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Kevin George Williams, Labour

Philip David Wright, Lib Dems

Monk Bretton

Macaulay Larkin, Conservative

Sue Rose, Lib Dems

Margaret Sheard, Labour

Rachel Jane Stewart, Independent

North East

Raymond Archer, Independent

Ruth Booker, Labour

Tony Devoy, Yorkshire Party

Kieran Oldfield, Lib Dems

Samuel Wilkinson, Conservative

Old Town

Steve Dankerfield, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Jo Newing, Labour

Gillian Margaret Nixon, Green

Patrick Dimelow Smith, Lib Dims

Charlotte Anne Sykes, Independent

Clive Watkinson, Conservative

Penistone East

Steve Burkinshaw, Conservative

Alex Burnett, Labour

Amanda Griffin, Independent

Rebecca Jean Trotman, Green

Andrew Stephen Waters, Lib Dems

Penistone West

Paula Button-Roberts, Independent

Roy Garratt, Conservative

David Sean Greenhough, Lib Dems

Frances Helen Avery Nixon, Labour and Co-operative Party

Richard Thomas James Trotman, Green


Karen Fletcher, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Brian Gregory, Reform UK

Mark Highmouch, Conservative

Trevor Anthony Mayne, Green

Jane Townsend, Labour

Sue Waters, Lib Dems

Andrew Simon Wray, Independent


Jennifer Barker, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Michael Barraclough, Conservative

Neil Fisher, Independent

Jonathan Paul Hood, Lib Dems

Pauline Mary McCarthy, Labour

St Helen’s

Andrew Millner, Conservative

Matthew Rigden Nicholson, Lib Dems

Neil Gareth Wright, Labour


James Robert Kitching, Lib Dems

Paul Murray, Labour

Alex Wilkinson, Conservative


Donna Marie Cutts, Reform UK

Brenda Eastwood, Labour

Robert Welton Green, Lib Dems

Debbie Toon, Conservative


Sarah Calvert, Lib Dems

Sherry Holling, Labour

Jake Lodge, Independent

Katelyn Long, Green

Adrian Thompson, Conservative