MORE than 50 roads across Barnsley will benefit from a £20m scheme to improve the town’s highways network after cabinet members signed off on proposals last week.

An extra £2m will be added to the £18.4m Highways Capital Programme by Barnsley Council to boost the town’s roads and side streets.

Cabinet members were asked to approve the programme at a meeting on April 5, with a total of £20.4m being earmarked for work across the borough.

Senior highways officers have proposed improvements at more than 50 locations in Barnsley, meaning work will be carried out in each of the 21 wards.

The highway network is the most valuable asset the council owns.

The total cost to replace it in full is estimated at £2.1bn including carriageways, bridges and all other highway structures.

The proposed programme for the coming financial year continues our ‘prevention is better than the cure’ approach in balancing structural, preventative, and reactive maintenance to improve the resilience of the highway.

At the meeting, cabinet members signed off on the scheme - as well as agreeing to take measures on a number of current issues.

Improvements in aspects of road safety and easing congestion are some of the new programmes set to be implemented.

Existing road surface is recycled after being removed, and kerbstones and old street lighting columns can be crushed to produce material which can be used in other construction works.

This supports the council’s work towards a more sustainable carbon net-zero borough by 2045.

The Principal Roads and Side Streets Investment Programme also supports the council’s Principal Towns and Local Village Centres Investment Programme to help local high streets thrive.

Coun James Higginbottom, cabinet spokesperson for environment and highways, said: “We’re proud to announce a substantial investment into our highway network through this year’s budget.

“The extra £2m will be used to repair over 50 locations across the borough - with over £20m invested into the network this year.

“Over the next three years, we’re delivering significant investment right across the borough; fixing our roads, investing in our communities, unlocking economic opportunities.”

The leader of Barnsley Council, Sir Steve Houghton CBE, added: “The extremes of weather we have experienced over the last 12 months have impacted our roads over the winter.

“We have teams working hard to keep on top of emergency pothole repairs, including at weekends.

“Like every local authority in the country maintaining our road network is a huge challenge, we have a maintenance backlog, but thanks to sustained investment into the network we are chipping away at that backlog and improving Barnsley’s roads.

“This extra £2m investment in addition to our annual Highways Capital Programme will help make our roads safer and more sustainable and helps us keep Barnsley moving for residents and visitors.”

A full list of the approved schemes in each ward can be found below.


ª%Bala Street, carriageway, Barnsley - resurfacing

ª%Bridge Street, footway, Barnsley - resurfacing

ª%Dog Lane, footway, Barnsley - resurfacing

ª%Queens Road, carriageway, Barnsley - resurfacing

ª%Rochester Road footpath to Rotherham Road, footway, Monk Bretton - resurfacing


ª%Vicar Road, footway, Darfield - resurfacing

ª%Charles Street, carriageway, Middlecliffe - surface dressing

ª%John Street, carriageway, Middlecliffe - surface dressing

ª%Mary Street, carriageway, Middlecliffe - surface dressing

ª%Windsor Crescent, carriageway, Middlecliffe - surface dressing

Darton West

ª%Coronation Road, carriageway, Barugh Green - surface dressing

ª%Cross Street, carriageway, Barugh Green - surface dressing

ª%Mary Street, carriageway, Barugh Green - surface dressing

ª%Barnsley Road, footway, Darton - resurfacing

ª%Huddersfield Road, carriageway, Darton - resurfacing

ª%Junction 38 roundabout, footway, Haigh - resurfacing

Dearne South

ª%Dove Close, carriageway, Bolton upon Dearne - surface dressing

ª%Sheaf Crescent, carriageway, Bolton upon Dearne - surface dressing

ª%Ullswater Close, carriageway, Bolton upon Dearne - surface dressing


ª%Dillington Road, footway, Worsbrough Common - resurfacing

ª%Essex Road, footway, Worsbrough Common - resurfacing

North East

ª%Beech Close, footway, Brierley - resurfacing

ª%Coronation Avenue, carriageway, Shafton - surface dressing

ª%Queens Drive, carriageway, Shafton - surface dressing

Old Town

ª%Summer Lane, footway, Barnsley - resurfacing

Penistone East

ª%Bank End Lane, carriageway, High Hoyland - resurfacing

ª%New Road, carriageway, Tankersley - resurfacing

Penistone West

ª%Clarel Street, carriageway, Penistone - resurfacing

ª%Keats Grove, carriageway, Penistone - surface dressing

ª%Shelley Close, carriageway, Penistone - surface dressing

ª%Tennyson Close, carriageway, Penistone - surface dressing

ª%Sheffield Road, carriageway, Springvale - resurfacing


ª%Fairfield, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Green Springs Avenue, footway, Birdwell - resurfacing

ª%Martin Close, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Merlin Close, carriageway, Birdwell - retread

ª%Peregrine Drive, carriageway, Birdwell - retread

ª%Plover Drive, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Shortwood Close, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Timothy Wood Avenue, footway, Birdwell - resurfacing

ª%Winster Close, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Wrens Way, carriageway, Birdwell - surface dressing

ª%Woodhouse Road, carriageway, Hoyland - surface dressing


ª%Avondale Drive, carriageway, Carlton - surface dressing

ª%Ashley Croft, footway, Royston - resurfacing

ª%Haigh Croft Backs with Cedar Close, footway, Royston - resurfacing

St Helen’s

ª%Laithes Lane, footway, Athersley - resurfacing


ª%Colley Avenue, carriageway, Kendray - retread

ª%Neville Court, carriageway, Wombwell - retread

ª%Smithley Lane (part), carriageway, Wombwell - retread


ª%Shield Avenue, footway, Worsbrough - resurfacing

ª%West Street, footway, Worsbrough - resurfacing