JUST when you think the world has gone madder than mad, I read in the papers this week that a man who was wrongly convicted of a rape charge and spent 17 years in prison (more than if he had admitted he was guilty, which he wasn’t so he didn’t admit it obviously) might have to pay 17 years’ worth of board and lodging charges to the prison service if he receives compensation.

What? ‘IF’ he receives compensation? I jolly well hope he does, not that any money can equate to the time he has lost. But then to be penalised for being innocent? I used to hear the expression all the time ‘stop the world I want to get off’ but, I’m thinking it more and more these days.

Dogs are never out of the news are they? Dogs attacking people, out of control dogs off leads...

I get fed up of saying it because nothing changes. Overheard this week a woman bragging about her new Cane Corso acquisition that she got ‘for her toddlers to play with’.

Sadly I’m just waiting for that story to unfold and hit the news. If you want something for your kids to play with, love, head to the Fisher Price section in a toy shop.

Meanwhile, we have taken in a young rescue dog. A sweet-natured little fluffy girl and I’m in the midst of training her up because dogs need to know who their master is.

A dog who doesn’t respect its master will NOT come back to you when called and that’s when you get all sorts of trouble. My dog will come to me in the house when I have a lump of cheese in my hand but outside in a park with all those distractions, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. At least not yet.

Apparently the old Barbara Woodhouse school of training is no longer considered the best way but when I used her methods with my first dog, they worked beautifully and were fantastic. I wish my kids had been as well trained. You have to get into a dog’s head when you are training and it’s not easy but it’s essential.

I don’t want to be responsible for any serious mishaps in the park. I’m under no illusions that I need to be more important to our new floof than Cathedral City’s best. The biggest con on the planet as told to me by a pal: sending your old phone off to a firm who offer to pay you £232 for it.

Then they contact you saying that the price they offer you is for a ‘fully functional working phone’ – which it was. Apparently no, for it has a ‘lifting back’ and they send you a photo of the proof, which is bonkers because they’ve sent a photo of a perfectly perfect phone.

And the revised offer – £24. What a con. There’s a place in town at the bottom of Market Hill that offers the best prices I’ve ever found and I told him to go there when ‘Meelie’ sent back the phone. Wonder how many people fall for that one.

It was Yorkshire Day on Tuesday so here’s a fun fact for you.

Did you know that the oldest dinosaur bones in the UK were discovered in the spot where the Taylors of Harrogate factory now stands? The Yorkshire T Rex. Sorry!