During the cost of living crisis, one of the most significant pressures on household budgets is the price of fuel.

Whilst this is a huge expense for people across the country, I have recently noticed that petrol prices in Barnsley are regularly around three pence per litre higher than in neighbouring areas such as Wakefield or Kirklees.

Many people have contacted me to say that they regularly travel out of the area to fill up their fuel tanks to avoid paying more closer to home.

I recently wrote to local petrol providers to ask for an explanation as to why prices in Barnsley are higher than other areas, with the view of asking them to reduce prices in line with neighbouring areas.

While I appreciate that Tesco is one of the more competitive fuel retailers in the area, I still don’t understand why it costs significantly more to fill up your vehicle in Stairfoot than it does 25 miles up the road in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Although the company pledges to remain competitive, this has to extend further than the Barnsley area as this does not explain why prices are higher here than in other parts of the country.

Only last week, petrol at Tesco in Stairfoot was at 146.9 pence per litre, whilst it was only 142.9 pence per litre at Tesco in Brighouse, whilst diesel was 149.9 in Stairfoot and a massive 8 pence per litre cheaper in Brighouse at 141.9. And these cheaper prices are mirrored up and down the country at a range of different fuel retailers, according to reports from people who have contacted me, they’re just not available in Barnsley.

I do not think this is fair. People in Barnsley should not be paying a fuel premium when other areas are clearly benefiting from fairer prices.

For many people, a car is a lifeline. With unreliable public transport in the area following years of Government cuts, people are left with no alternative but to drive to work, therefore having no option but to pay more for their fuel than they should be, an added cost that is putting more pressure on already stretched family budgets.

A recent announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority said that greater fuel price transparency is needed, and recommended a ‘fuel finder’ be developed to ensure that providers are offering the most up to date prices for consumers. It is welcome that the Government have slowly accepted this and have supported the CMA’s plan for a new fuel regulator.

However, people in Barnsley are paying too much for their fuel right now, and this needs to change.

If you have seen petrol or diesel at lower prices outside Barnsley please let me know at stephanie.peacock.mp@parliament.uk

I will continue to monitor fuel prices locally and take every action available to me to ensure that people in Barnsley are getting a fair deal on their fuel prices.