POLICE bosses are urging parents to ‘take action’ after four children were attacked by dogs last weekend.

It’s reported that earlier this month the kids - the youngest of which was just two years old - were attacked by their ‘family dogs’.

The force receives between 140 to 185 calls a month - many of which are from families in Barnsley - for dogs being out of control, causing injury or fear within our communities.

As incidents involving dogs continue to rise, police bosses are urging parents to stop thinking ‘it won’t ever happen to my children’ and put measures in place to ensure your children’s safety.

PC Paul Jameson said: “Nationally, and within South Yorkshire, we are seeing an increase in dangerous dog incidents and the severity of the risk they pose to members of the public.

“Sadly, last weekend we have seen innocent children at the receiving end of these dogs’ violent capabilities.

“One incident, which hospitalised a 15-year-old girl, involved an XL bully that has been reported to have allegedly showed aggression previously and has been left unreported, without intervention.

“We are not only urging parents to think about their own dogs and their children’s behaviour around them, but to also report concerns you may have around dogs in the community, especially where vulnerable people live.

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“We are not here to seize family pets, but we will intervene if the dog poses a risk and work alongside the owners, with partners and charities, to ensure the dog’s behaviour is addressed, and our recommendations are followed.”