BARNSLEY Council bosses will continue to tackle antisocial behaviour across the borough after a report revealed the police in the town have dealt with more than 2,300 incidents so far this year.

In a report which will be discussed by councillors on Monday, it states there has been a total of 2,351 incidents so far this year.

Between January and September, rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour and off-road biking were the highest recorded categories - with 780 and 613 records respectively.

There has also been a number of incidents recorded regarding prostitution, though this figure is below ten.

Councillors will discuss what they are planning to help reduce the figures during a ‘challenging time’.

The report said: “Despite overall ASB demand trajectories reducing, the volume of recorded ASB is only one aspect of demand.

“More worryingly it does feel that more complex demand which can be reflective of multiple underlying issues and/or be more protracted and difficult to resolve is increasing.

“This can be both debilitating and frustrating for those affected, and resource draining on services trying to deal with it.

“Whilst Barnsley already adopts a robust approach to enforcement, in reality, there are competing local dynamics which drive a more balanced approach to what are appropriate interventions.

“These include the aim not to disproportionately criminalise children and young people, the clear requirements to demonstrate necessity, proportionality, and public interest, and the view of the courts in relation to certain measures such as injunctions.”

The report added that Barnsley Council is managing the expectation of residents - and that a number of aspects such as locals struggling due to the rising cost of living must also be taken into account when dealing with incidents.

“Using evictions as an example, evicting someone from their home is one of the most significant powers available to the council,” it said.

“The courts rightly insist that there is compelling evidence to demonstrate why such action is necessary and will insist that all other measures have been explored before considering granting an order.

“Evictions on management grounds for ASB remains relatively rare and in the most extreme circumstances, yet it is often what complainants ‘expect’ to happen at the outset.

“Broader social and economic challenges also have a direct impact on ASB and at a time when people are struggling due to things such as the legacy of Covid and cost of living, tensions and pressures within communities can become more pronounced.”

However, Barnsley Council bosses have said they ‘excel’ with dealing with the incidents through a number of schemes.

These include partnership working, warden services, being intelligence led and ensuring there is an easy access to their services.

The CCTV equipment in Barnsley has also been hailed as a success.

“We currently have 82 CCTV systems in place across the borough,” the report said.

“We also have access to 22 re-deployable cameras that provide flexible solutions to the identification of offenders.

“Over the past five years we have significantly increased the capability and reach of our public space CCTV network.

“This has included upgrades and enhancement in the town centre and installation of networked CCTV into most of our other urban centres and high streets.”

In May, the former Stone Roses bar on Wellington Street was set alight.

CCTV footage helped locate one of those responsible.

“Following an extensive review of all the town centre CCTV units and full chronology of the movements of two youths recorded entering the building and leaving shortly before smoke was seen coming from the property was passed to South Yorkshire Police,” it said.

“Their image was circulated amongst partner agencies and one of the youths was positively identified.

“The South Yorkshire Police investigation is currently ongoing.”